Managerial meaning of To-Do-List: a manageable list that helps you to organize your life.


Ezar’s meaning of To-Do-List: a manageable list with tasks that Ezar MUST complete each day…or else she would die and evil would take over the world.


A New Year could come with the immediate overwhelming sense of disorder. In 2013, I survived with a to-do-list for everything under the sun. list making is a pretty personal thing and mine is bordered on the obsessive. A point on my to-do-list, e.g. washing the toilet, can turn into a series of numbered bullet points. Yes, in 2013, I believed in the power of to-do-lists.


I tried the hour by hour schedule but with time I moved into the daily schedule.

In the present day, the to-do-list has become a daily necessity but it doesn’t necessarily make you productive. I have had a to-do-list of more than 15 tasks to complete within 9 hours but the sheer intensity of the tasks leaves me in a state of paralysis, with a heavy sense of obligation and a nagging feeling at the back of my mind.

Psychologists call that nagging feeling the Zeigarnik effect, an old phenomenon in the field of psychology that states that our mind will remain fixated on an unfinished task, causing our mental and physical health to suffer too. Upon completion, we are freed from the burden of this task.



Am I not my own worst enemy? I have become so focused in being ‘over-organized’ and have left no time for experiencing God fully.

Anyway, that’s in 2013. In 2014, my to-do-lists won’t dominate my life.


Jesus faced anxiety, I agree. Infact, right before his worst ordeal, He was completely at peace. AMAZING!

Matthew 20:17-19. He didn’t fret or worry.

Instead of worrying, even though anxiety was pounding on His heart’s door, He decided to confide in His Father (Matthew 26:26). He found relief in God and was completely at peace when He was crucified.

I believe our tendency is to be ‘Worry Warriors’ rather than ‘Prayer Warriors’. Too often we let circumstances dominate our souls, causing us to lose sleep and rendering us obsessed about tomorrow. But it doesn’t have to be that way. After all, Jesus told us NOT to worry about life (Matthew 6:25).


When we worry, we simply miss out on the experience of real living. It robs us of everything we were created for, rendering us venerable and defenseless. We don’t have to let ourselves become beaten by the defeat created by our endless worries. No matter what we do, the worries never disappear, until we give them to Jesus (Matthew 11:28)


I’m hoping to experience Jesus fully in 2014.

What kind of warrior will you be in 2014?

About Ezar

I'm in love with my dreams, married to success and having an affair with life ;) I live for the moments you can't put into words and I dont look back...unless there's a good view.

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  1. I remember Kenneth Hagin telling about how his mum was a champion worrier, and her mum before her. It nearly led his mum to commit suicide. So he promised himself never to worry- to the point that even his wife used to complain about his lack of worry!


  2. Absolutely noteworthy post! I love the build-up of this remarkable message, its clear,concise,forthright&relevant with regards to our daily existence(images inclusive)
    I would worry not and pray more! Saves me the mental (and otherwise) stress.

    Welldone Lady Dee! 🙂


  3. I absolutely heart this post. Isn’t it funny that we Christians are the ones with a list of 99 problems while the world is driving in the stress-free lane? I think we mistake mindful living for being obsessive with tasks. We definitely need messages like this so we can learn to quieten our noisy minds. 🙂


  4. Ezzy ur talking to me*guilty look


  5. Thank God,I don’t worry,growimg whenever we had serious issues that should make us depressed,or worry!my mum starts singing,before you kno it we are all dancing and doin whatever chores needs be done,or we pray!in the end,we look back see that we have had fun all the way and we praise and dance again(no wonder I love dancing).I have come a long way , gone through some life experiences,and I know WORRY never helps,it infacts makes you feel ill!
    Stressing on what to do,never helps!although there’s a joy that comes from finishing ur to do list!
    Erhmmmn,enough said!


  6. Be anxious for nothing……

    Would have been nice…..

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  7. its apropos to worry a lil buh when its excessively done to a point where it tkes d best outta u…I tink dts wher d problem lies, more so y worry, whn u can lay such colossal burden at d cross


  8. Oh boy…u almost sound like Lizzy. Colossal burden…sweet *big grin *
    Thank u Sir Hem.


  9. m’bakwa!even as a pray-er/prayer-warrior,i experience times of worry.Rem,i am HUMAN!!! Prayer+GRACE will stabilize u nd keep ur eyes on Jesus.


  10. Like worrying changes anything…
    I keep remembering and reminding myself never to forget that…
    Like the bible says, be anxious for nothing (and like I like to add) BECAUSE YOU ARE AHXIOUS FOR NOTHING!!!


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