When my faith stands at the grave,
For a stone that has been rolled away,
Forgive me.
When my faith is short of understanding though the truth is there to see,
Forgive me.
When my faith beset by doubt sees no further than an empty tomb today,
Forgive me.

How often when weary do I sigh ‘The spirit is willing but the body is weak’?
How often when in prayer are my thoughts distracted by sounds or circumstance
Or my prayers distracted by trivial concerns?
Baggage carried with me rather than left at your feet.
How often do I find myself apologizing to you for my abbreviated prayer life?
And yet you draw me still to be in your presence.
By waters still, through fire and storm,
Your love continues to transform me,
And with that call, you welcome me – no barriers, no limits, just GRACE.

For you defeated death to show me
That I can rise from all that binds me to the world:
Pride, envy, anger, fear and the debt of sin that holds me here.
You defeated death to show me a love that is beyond my understanding.
And after Calvary, God has nothing left to prove to humanity.
For how can you doubt His love
After looking at the bleeding form of His Son hanging on the Cross.

And Easter reminds me that
Each time I deny you, Lord,
Another nail is sharpened.
And each time I defy you, Lord,
Into your hand it’s hammered.
When faith is weak,
Temptation strong,
And courage fails,
Forgive me Lord and once again become that risen presence within my heart.

O Living King,
You have gone forth and gone up,
Out of Hell as Conqueror.
The world below lies desolate.
The spirits of evil are fallen.
The Angels of God are rejoicing.
The tombs of the dead are empty.
The First of the Sleepers is Risen!.

About Ezar

I'm in love with my dreams, married to success and having an affair with life ;) I live for the moments you can't put into words and I dont look back...unless there's a good view.

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  1. Not d occultic powers dat we see in some assemblies,but d resurrection power of God in the True Church of God!


  2. I tire for all the Church programmes dat is void of the greatest power in d whole Universe-the Resurrection power of God.U go to such programmes sick nd return sick.Haba!


  3. Brethren,i am hungry for God nd for His mighty power.Lord,we want more of You.Make us to witness ur great power,earthshaking power dat shook the prisons nd opened prison doors to release prisoners.


  4. My Lord Jesus,you are the Resurrection & the Life.Let it be noised in Nigeria dat You are in the HOUSE(Church) for a gathering together of people,with no room to receive them except through the rooftop(Mark 2:1-4).


  5. It takes a praying church with d fear of God to bring down His power nd His glory!


  6. He who testifieth these things saith,Surely I come quickly.Amen.Even so,come,Lord Jesus….come to d Church!


  7. Nations will flow to the Church on the day of her lifting(Isaiah2:2,3).


  8. The love of Christ is inexplanable and priceless. I ve enjoyed it nd notin can compare


  9. @Tony, I agree. Priceless!!!!!!!!!. Nice work Ezar.


  10. The First of the Sleepers is risen.Are u co-risen with Him?Except u identify with Him,u are HELL-BOUND!God Forbid!


  11. My Lord Jesus,after ur resurrection You gave many convincing proofs that u are alive.In Your Churh dat ‘appears’dead to d world,dothe same to convince d doubting world dat u are alive,nd dat we serve d Living God(Acts 1:3).


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