You Could Have Fallen Harder

Today, I remembered an incident that happened a few years back in another city where I worked. That day, the school was busy with life. The nursery students on the trees were playing, jumping about and bursting forth with energy. One would think the kids were on a high. I was tempted to join in. But I had to be watchful, there’s no telling what could happen when children are let loose to play.

Sure enough, shortly after I thought about this, I heard one of the children screaming.

We (Bimbo and I) rushed over to check out the emergency. It was nothing more than a tiny scrape on her knee. Something told me that this child had already learned that nothing is too small for “Teacher Ezar’s kisses” or “Teacher Bimbo’s hugs.”

She got plenty of both.

Then I heard an elderly matron say something that was so worldly, so meaningful, so wisdom-filled.

“Well, don’t you worry, now. You could have fallen harder.”
Oh, you know me. Those words danced off her tongue and rolled right up inside my ears and didn’t stop until they took residence in my heart.

Looking back today, I know that they were meant for me to hear. They were spoken words that needed writing.
I usually like to pick up and dust off words thrown about in a conversation. I sift through the wreckage of tear soaked words and turn them back around into a lesson, something useful. I didn’t know it then but those words took root in my heart and I’m glad they did.

How many times have you fallen?

Not down on the ground from high up. Not stumbling over some seemingly invisible obstacle in your path.

Have you fallen from a safe place where you thought everything was alright?

We all have.

That’s why those words stood out from the rest for me.

“You could have fallen harder.”

Read them now as if God were speaking to you directly.

You are hurt. You are emotionally struggling with a loss.

You were shocked to discover something in your life and you are devastated, drained of all hope.

“You could have fallen harder,” God reminds you.

You know who falls the hardest?

Those without faith. Faith is a cushion, a “down comforter.”

Faith is a soft spot right next to the edge where you could have fallen further.

Next time you find yourself down a little or drowning in self pity and pain, remember that God will let you fall hard sometimes but…

“You could have fallen harder.”

About Ezar

I'm in love with my dreams, married to success and having an affair with life ;) I live for the moments you can't put into words and I dont look back...unless there's a good view.

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  1. Some falls are being expected,for judgement indeed will first begin in d Household of God.How can we continue to poke our dirty hands into d Holy eyes of Him whose eyes are so pure dat they cannot behold evil nor look up iniquity!We must learn,nd learn d hard way.Hard/harder fall is d only way to learn righteousness,period!


  2. The delusion amongst our leaders is dat d sin dat falls a child of God will not fall a man of God.They forget so soon dat it was a ‘small stone’ dat brought down d great Goliath of old.


  3. What i see in d Church of Christ today is an eyesore.No wonder d lawless deeds in d days of Lot vexed his righteous soul until d judgement dat destroyed Sodom nd Gomorrah.My righteous soul is also vexed by d lawless deeds i see in d Church.I still pray dat judgement will begin soon in d House of God so dat God’s fear will be on us.


  4. As sons/daughters,we are chastened so dat we partake of His holiness(Heb12).His chasteninig is borne out of love so dat we be one with Him.A fall might be one of His ways to stop an individual from going d way dat leads to destruction.


  5. Brethren,I prefer a’fall of correction’in this life(no matter d hardness),than a place in hell.


  6. The woman(human)race fell nd fell harder wen women began to chase men,nd not d other way round.What an ‘upside down’world!


  7. Where is our woman(human) dignity of old dat was priceless?We are sold out to d ephemereal things of this life dat has no eternal value….that is d extent of our fall..gbowaaaaaaaaaa!


  8. We need celibates in this generation for Christ’s sake…men/women whose desire is to please their Master nd not swim in d adulterous waters of sin…Chrirtians like Apostle Paul who count all dung dat they may win Christ.


  9. I know a celibate medical doctor(a consultant) in Lagos who is married to Jesus,nd has channeled all His resources/energy for d furtherance of d Gospel of Christ.He has a foundation for d work of mercy.He is busy spreading d sweet aroma of Christ everywhere.His only concern is d Lord’s affair-how he will please d Lord(1 Corinth7:26-end).Perhaps if i had known then what i know now,i wouldnt have married so dat i can serve God with undivided devotion.Divorce is a marital fall…may d Lord keep me from this fall nd preserve my marriage,amen!


  10. Amenoooo.I pray dat all d marriages in distress will not end with this fall-DIVORCE.Dear Jesus,marriage is Your project.Preserve it by Your Holy name,amen.


  11. There is nothing so strong as marriage partnership.With God as d Centre,a threefold cord is not quickly broken.Two are better than one….for if they fall,d one will lift up d other:but WOE to him dat is alone wen he falls;for he has not another to help him up.That is why divorce is a TERRIBLE FALL with none to help each other up.No wonder God hates divorce,nd warns dat what he has joined together,let none including d couple,put asunder(Eccle4:9-12).


  12. There is frequent divorce fall b/c d couple involved are more concerned about d wedding ceremonies than d marriage proper.Some shun d counselling sessions or don’t take them serious.Some Christian couples are pregnant before marriage,having committed the sin of fornication(pre-marital sex).Some even marry for wrong nd selfish reasons.Thus,some marriage foundations are faulty from d beginning nd a fall is inevitable.There is a ‘due process’ for a strong institution,including d marriage institution.God cannot be mocked…we reap what we sow.


  13. @Ayo…u are just right.Ignorance is no excuse.If we don’t follow due process,we fall.A person who falls from a height despising d force of gravity,thinking dat d Angels will give him a safe landing,surely must fall nd great shall be dat fall.You don’t tempt God nd use Him as a rubberstamp to seal an ungodly or unapproved union.Many do not even seek His consent or His will concerning dat life-partner.Many have ended up marrying those who would have been other persons life partners.Thats why we hear them say….irreconcilable differences wen there is a fall.


  14. The choices we make can impact us positively or negatively.If you choose to fall on Jesus,d Cornerstone,you will be broken.But if d Cornerstone falls on you,you will be crushed(Luke20:18). I ‘willingly’choose to fall on Jesus for BROKENESS,than to be crushed in rebellion.


  15. When we fall,we might die in d process like Samson,or we will live with d consequence of d fall(eg a child out of wedlock).A Baby Mama can be a thorn in d flesh,set out to ruin d family of d father of her child.She will neva let go…she will say,if i can’t have him,no woman will,not even d wife.


  16. My dear sis Olivia,i fear adulteryooo.It is a sweet nd bitter experience.If man is not careful,d sweet pleasures of sex will end up being d bitter pill dat we must swallow,nd live with its effect until death.I wouldnt want any fall dat will destabilize my sweet home.Pls help me Holy Spirit!


  17. @Emeka…then zip up nd look up,or a fall is at ur door!


  18. #GRATITUDE ….. Am grateful for the fall because I know that I am righteous in Christ (The righteous man falls 7times and rises again)!

    #MINDSET….. ALL things (including the mess I’ve made in my life) will definitely work out for me because I’m called according to His purpose & I love Him!

    #THANKSGIVING….. Despite how hard I fall, I will give Him thanks in every situation because He delights in giving me beauty for my ashes!



  19. @May-Jay…I like.Ur comment encapsulates all d comments…a summary of d post


  20. Having the right attitude nd with d mind of Christ,will help us to overcome every fall,no matter d hardness.Falls are to make us better nd not bitter!


  21. All we need at d time we fall is d grace of God,with a sincere support frm d brethren.We need pillars of support to help us rise nd stand in d Lord.Do not let d fallen Christian remain down….wen men are cast down,we should say there is a lifting up?


  22. Some Christians will help to proclaim d fall of saints to unbelievers.Did not David lament….”How are d mighty fallen!Tell it not in Gath,proclaim it not in d streets of Ashkelon,lest d daughters of d Philistines rejoice,lest d daughters of d uncircumcised triumph”(2 Samuel 1:19,20).Protect d interest of a fallen might be ur turn next…nobody is immuned from a fall.


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