Juliet’s Story

Hello everyone. Happy Long weekend.

Shatter the silence

I have another story for you on this category. If you are or have been a victim of abuse, please, before reading this page, consider the anger, the outrage and the feeling of the past. If you think that these pages may contribute to memories of your past then please find a member of your support system, someone who will be there with you if memories are triggered. Please know that it is unintentional, that I wish to contribute to the building of survivors strength.

Remember, this page is dedicated to survivors. Their lives are here for you to read about, the horror, the pain, and their feelings. . Out of respect for them and their families, I will not be mentioning their actual names Please note that these stories may trigger memories from the past .They are very emotional and powerful stories. It takes a lot of courage to put your life into words for all to see. Many thanks to those who did.

May we all stand together and say to victims of sexual abuse: There is no shame for you in what happened. You are the brave ones and we honour you today.

Juliet’s Story:

Ok. I’ve never written any of this down before…so please bear with me Aunty Ezar.
It first started when I was about 5 years old, by the houseboy employed to look after me and do the chores after the maid left. My parents were constantly busy and he was hastily employed so as not to disrupt their schedules. While they were away, he would touch me and put his hands all over me, and put his fingers inside me. I was so confused, I didn’t know what was happening. He would make me take off my clothes and stuff, and it was just horrible. The first time he actually raped me, I was 7 years old. I was so scared. It hurt so much…I can’t describe it. I just tried to forget what was happening. Since he lived in the house, at night he would come into my room. I always have flashbacks, and I can never forget the image of him on top of me, holding me down, hurting me, laughing at me. I get so mad at myself now…because I realize that a lot of the time, I could have just screamed or something and someone probably would have heard me and come to see what was wrong…but I never did that.
I hated it there. I’m only fourteen though, so I didn’t really have anywhere else to go.
I attempted suicide by taking an overdose of Paracetamol, but it didn’t work. I just felt so much pain in my tummy and didn’t try it again. It was around that time that I told my aunt what happened. She threw the boy out and after a heated argument with my mum for her carelessness, my mum finally agreed that I could move in with my aunt since she was too busy to keep an eye on me.

I feel better now. No more sad. But I can’t help feeling guilty and ashamed, because no matter what anyone says…it’s really my fault, because I could have stopped it so easily many many times if I just screamed…but instead, I let myself go through that for nine years, and I hate myself for it so much.

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I'm in love with my dreams, married to success and having an affair with life ;) I live for the moments you can't put into words and I dont look back...unless there's a good view.

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  1. OMG! Sad one. Pity about the parents. Thank God for your aunt. Don’t feel guilty darling. U were gripped by fear. God of peace comfort you.


  2. As a society, we have a history of hiding sexual abuse. I’m glad stories like this now have a platform to be openly discussed.
    Stay strong, Juliet. You are in our prayers.


  3. Thank God for your aunt. She has done well by throwing the boy out and removing you from a dysfunctional home.
    As a lawyer, I feel that support for the victim, as well as help and hope for the future, must start with effective punishment for the abuser. That is what we must work on as a country. That boy should have been jailed. We all need to acknowledge that sexual abuse happens, and take steps to stop it from happening in the future.


  4. It is well with you, Juliet. Stay strong.


  5. Be strong Juliet. God bless you.


  6. This is serious. The house boy? Kaiiiiii. It is well with you dear


  7. Where did parents take all the time they had in the 80’s and 90’s. Back then, parents would have the time to walk children to and from school or clinic or church.Today, you find that maids also do the all the work which is shocking because no parent should delegate the health and wellbeing of their child. Parents today seem to be all about work, business, and fun. The truth is parents cannot delegate parenting, because that it like delegating the entirety of their responsibilities. And we have seen what happens with careless delegations of responsibilities to people you hardly know or trust.


  8. Shoking story. A result of a careless mother or parents in general. Stay strong Juliet.


  9. Sad one. Im so sorry Juliet. Maids though, both boys and girls. Cant stand them. I hv never had good experiences with them.


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