A Short Lesson on Priorities

The time was 11 a.m. on a Thursday morning. The place was Ibadan, Oyo state.

On that day and time a funeral procession was slowly wending its way from the church to the cemetery. Driving at that slow speed the people were able to see things they normally might have missed.
That is why Kunle Adebayo and the other members of that motorcade were able to see a 79-year-old lady who was at a bus stop.

What struck them as unusual was this 79-year-old lady was not just waiting for a bus. No, this lady seemed to be in a battle. Indeed, that is exactly what was happening. She was struggling with Yemi Akala, a 41-year-old man, who was trying to steal her purse.

Cartoon old lady with handbag

Cartoon old lady with handbag. Isolated on white

The sight left the mourners with a decision: they could either help the lady and ruin the dignity of the funeral, or they could proceed on and leave the woman to her own devices. Over the years I have shared many times when people decided to mind their own business and, like the priest and Levite in Jesus’ good Samaritan parable, pass by on the other side.
That’s not what happened that Thursday morning in Ibadan.

That morning no less than eight men immediately jumped from their cars and ran to the rescue of the lady. They surrounded Mr. Akala, captured him, and called for the police. The lady was taken to the hospital with some injures; the purse thief was taken into custody, and the good Samaritans got back in their vehicles and finished the funeral.

This really is a fine example of the proper priorities Jesus wants His people to have.

When Jesus entered this world, His priority was to save us. When the world’s representatives challenged Him, when Satan tempted Him, Jesus held on to His Father’s priorities. Nothing was able to move Him from His desire to save us from our sins. The empty tomb of Resurrection Sunday is God’s sign and seal that Jesus was successful in His work of saving us.

And now the Lord wants us to have proper priorities.

He tells us, even as He told His original listeners, that we should “go, and do likewise.” Jesus wants His people to give a witness to the world. He wants us to show that we love others because He first loved us. He wants us to let the “dead bury their dead” (see Luke 9:60), while we, through our words and our actions, bear witness to the forgiveness, grace and salvation we have received.
He wants us to show the world the Savior has changed our priorities — and our hearts.

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I'm in love with my dreams, married to success and having an affair with life ;) I live for the moments you can't put into words and I dont look back...unless there's a good view.

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  1. EZAR,that was short and to d point.I like.As a matter of fact,we live in a world of misplaced priorities dat seek to protect our own interest mainly.A selfish world….’wetin concern me’.Wrong,wrong attitude!


  2. Our priorities should revolve around family,moral and Godly values,Godly values primarily.


  3. In a ‘selfie’ world,priorities are now self-centered.What a shame!Nobody thinks about d neighbour…ouch!


  4. Ezar,u are just right.The driver of our priority van should be LOVE,or we have an accidented priority dat will not take us anyway.


  5. Selflessness should help to order our priorities.Not about me,but about others.


  6. Have u noticed dat for our selfie photos,two is a crowd?Taking gp photo is now scarcer than gold…nawaoo


  7. My top priority is to do those things with ‘eternal value’.These will count for all eternity.All is vanity/meaningless without Christ!My works should be God-centered.


  8. In d last days,men will be lovers of self and not lovers of God(2nd Tim3:1-5)


  9. Yessooo.not even lovers of neighbours.What a selfish and loveless world


  10. I wouldn’t blame those who have good intentions,bt can’t help.Some in helping found themselves in a mess…police case.Life is becoming more complex in a world that lies in wickedness.


  11. No matter how good,we must be led by the Spirit to extend a helping hand.If not,ur good will amt to nothing.


  12. @Ruth,well spoken!What if d old woman is part of a robbery gang dat intend to use her to draw sympathizers for d robbers.A scene like d above can be stage-managef in Nigeria. In everything we do,we must be careful,and most especially be led by God.


  13. In ordering my love-centered priorities,my love was spurned and it backfired.So what do u do?People with attitude discourage good intentions/good deeds.


  14. Try to imagine this scenario-I tried to reach out to d motherless babies wit gift items.Later I discovered dat the management/staff were d beneficiaries. That’s madness.Next time,I will look elsewhere


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