Power Planner

I’ve been keeping a planner for the better part of the last 7 years of my life. Before then, it was hit or miss. I have stacks of planners — most are regular spiral-bound notebooks. Some are a little fancier. I have one small leather-bound journal/planner my mum gifted me. So, every year, I would buy a cute planner, and I’d write in it for a couple of weeks, and then realize it wasn’t really working for me, and buy another. Or I’d print something out (which kills me on ink and paper), and usually I wouldn’t end up loving that either. Well early this year, one of my sweet friends had the cutest planner I’d ever seen (and let’s be real, that’s totally what’s most important) and different from anything I’d tried before. I immediately purchased one and haven’t looked back since! I take it with me everywhere. It fits inside my carry-all. I take it to work, I take it to church and just in case I wake up inspired at 2 a.m., I make sure it’s on my night stand before I go to sleep.

It is a combination of your to-do list, your original journal, and planner; and really anything else you want it to be! It contains a vision board, vision statement, daily action list, appointment planner, weekly/ monthly/ quarterly tracker, travel plans, inspirational quotes, goal setting articles, quarterly goal planner, cash flow tracker and personal development tracker. Amazing! It is great for a person who hates to have multiple notebooks that you use on a constant basis or if you just do not want to denote that beautiful journal to one cause!

It has to be one of the most useful things in my life! I have always carried a notebook with me, but like many notebook-keepers I have too many notebooks to keep with me on the go. So condensing into one was a great way. I have so many little thoughts throughout the day that I want to record, as well as notes, event planning, and general journaling I love to do that this was an easy way to make it portable. Seriously, ACCELERATE YOUR DREAMS POWER PLANNER has changed my life. I’m not going to lie…I was totally freaked that I was spending quite a bit of money on a planner. I was so worried I wasn’t going to end up loving it, and well, another would bite the dust. Fortunately, the planner does NOT disappoint! And, so much so that I’m on to purchasing another for the second year in a row!

Great Job, AYD! Great Job.

About Ezar

I'm in love with my dreams, married to success and having an affair with life ;) I live for the moments you can't put into words and I dont look back...unless there's a good view.

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  1. Where can I get this? Does it come in navy blue for guys. Nice work!


  2. First, I love your hair. Next, you mean you read all those books this year? Finally, how can I get a copy?


  3. I have this. Sadly, I didnt use it. I feel terrible after reading this post. Maybe you should give a lecture on planning and journalling, Dum!


  4. I have a planner…not as detailed as this. I like how you keep track of books and trainings. Really impressive. The planner looks beautiful for a made in Nigeria brand. Is 2018 planner out yet? please keep me informed


  5. I should up my planning game next year. I see why you always got stuff covered. Good planning. Nice planner.


  6. Dumdum, thank you. I was so happy when you surprised me with one on my birthday. It helped. I think I was more organised this year. Surprise me again…lolzzz


  7. See our planner. I have the more colourful one. I absolutely love it. Also gifted by Ezar. Thank you, big sis. Buying next year.


  8. Nice. Does it come in black?


  9. Power planner used by a powerful woman. Must get me one next year.


  10. I am glad you made this planner compulsory for your mentees to buy. I have had no regrets, ma. Thank you.


  11. You know a busy bee when you see one. See all the books she read this year. I just got to the 6th chapter of a book I started in April. It is well


  12. You that is organized, you now join planner on top. I need to up my game? Is next year’s planner out?


  13. I have this planner and used it for some months. I got it months into the year and had already started using another so ws divided. It’s one of the best planners I’ve used. I plan to repurchase for the new year.


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