New year what?

Please don’t talk to me about New year resolutions. If you suddenly create a massive self-expectation on January 1st, with no buildup or no planning, the “I don’t feel like it” mindset is going to win. If you don’t have a plan, you won’t be making a resolution; you’ll be making a wish.
For a change, don’t add new things in your life as a new year’s resolution. Instead, do more of what’s already working for you and stop doing things that are time-wasters.
You see, our goals may seem impossibly far-fetched when really they’re not.
Break them down into steps and see how you accomplish great things.
You can easily reach from A to B.
You can manage from B to C.
You can then make it from C to D.
And so eventually, you will find your way from A to Z.

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I'm in love with my dreams, married to success and having an affair with life ;) I live for the moments you can't put into words and I dont look back...unless there's a good view.

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  1. Yes, New Year Resolutions!
    Granted, most of it is hogwash, just as the current birthday fad is almost all a sign of the narcissism that characterises today (my opinion) and yet there are a few persons who use their anniversaries the way a corporate entity uses its account closing date.

    My point then is that the new year resolution is usually nonsense, but it is not necessarily nonsense. A few years ago, a friend made an entry in his diary – the very first entry for January 1. The entry read as follows: New Year Resolution- SHALL NOT REMAIN A BA CHELOR TILL THE END OF THE YEAR (or words to that effect).

    Now, this guy is very organised and methodical. The marriage business had been on his mind for close to five years and although he had yet to propose to anyone as at the date of the entry, he had so many plans for the project. Hence the resolution was not frivolous. As a matter of fact, the wedding was in October of the same year.
    So, I think it’s really about your style.

    The points you made are right on the money.


    • Thank you for this, Agha. I’d like to think commitment is key here. Manifesting a desired outcome often takes a lot of sweat (both literally and figuratively) and time. Rarely, do things just magically appear so a commitment to your resolution is key to success. Happy New Year!


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