Introducing: My Virtual Classroom: A guide to Virtual Learning!

My Virtual Classroom: A guide to Virtual Learning

My Virtual Classroom is the perfect book for teachers who want to begin facilitating synchronous online training. This easy-to-read book introduces readers to technology and software that make virtual training possible. Readers will also learn how to develop their multitasking skills, engage their participants, harness the power of their voice, prepare their workstation for success, troubleshoot technology issues on the fly, and more.

This practical guide provides a broad overview of the e-learning process right from the start. It provides a base knowledge that will help teachers understand everything from the concepts to execution.
My Virtual Classroom will help teachers learn the fundamentals of online training and deliver training sessions that are as engaging and informative as in person.

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  1. Emmanuel Fehintola

    I bought the book and on reading it it was 100% practical, I usually refer to it at anytime I have issue with any of the virtual classes.
    Moreso, through the book especially GOOGLE QUIZZES, I was celebrated at work. I can’t say all the kind of accolades I got because I introduced my colleagues and Management to Google quizzes. This has never been used before.
    Not only that there is a monetary value attached to it and I got paid.
    I also trained about 30 staffs which includes PRIMARY and COLLEGE staff.
    Once again thank you so much.

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  2. My Virtual Classroom is not just a book to me but also an instructor as I always make reference to it whenever I am in need of any information about a particular tool that I want to use. It has also given confidence that once they mention any tool in my place of work I don’t argue but simply sit back and carry out the practical on my own which is why I no longer disturb you. Thanks so much.

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  3. Josephine Oloyede

    My Virtual Classroom is like the Bible of online teaching and learning. I have made it my manual and I have been able to teach my husband most of the things I benefited from the book. When my school started online classes, I wasn’t invited however what I have learned from the book has helped me design two online survey using Google forms. Because of the Pandemic distribution of hard copy questionnaires for research purposes has been impossible.
    However I have sent out my questionnaires and my analysis is in progress. Thank you so much

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  4. Adenike Adesiyan

    My virtual classroom has been my Virtual dictionary after attending your free online virtual class on the use of teaching andlearning tools. Most of the tools I’ve never heard of, well explained in it.

    Thank you for coming up with such a great resource at a time like this.

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  5. My Virtual Classroom helped me navigate different online tools available for educators. I like the easy-to-use language, practical and pictorial illustrations and the step by step guide. The book equipped me with the relevant skills needed to deliver as a teacher during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    I found the book very relatable and motivating. Many thanks Dumebi for changing the narrative of teachers – teachers can be tech-savvy too.

    This is a great resource I would recommend to any teacher who wants to remain relevant in the 21st century!

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  6. My Virtual Classroom has been a blessing indeed.
    It’s like a timeless helper that I can refer to anytime I encounter a knowledge glitch.
    I consider My Virtual Classroom a priceless possession in this season, as I am helped and can help others with the knowledge of this book , without bugging you with a thousand questions. It is so easy to understand and highly practical with the step by step guidelines.
    Thank you Ms. Dumebi, your heart and wealth of knowledge were poured into this book and I feel privileged to limitlessly drink from your well.
    God bless you real good ma.

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  7. I encouraged all the teachers in the school where I worked to get this book. It helped us go Virtual during this lockdown. Transitioning from the physical Classroom to the virtual one was a bit daunting at first, but with the book and technical support from the author and her team, we scaled through using Google classroom and Hangouts. Thank you, Dumebi. You are the real MVP.

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  8. I love this book. It was clear and concise. I’m a tech savvy teacher now 🙂 Cant wait to try some more when school resumes. Thank you, Dumebi

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