Teacher Feature: Teacher Adedayo

This educator has put herself in a unique position to understand the needs of her students and the low-income communities in which they live. She is among the few people who understand these children’s hopes, aspirations, and impediments, and is using the opportunity to connect with them and make a difference. Meet Teacher Adedayo.

Teacher Adedayo

Adedayo Adenrele

My name is Adedayo Adenrele. I am a Teacher and Public Health professional, passionate about providing access to quality health and educational opportunities for young people, particularly those from low income families/communities.

One thing I do in my role that I am really proud about is the time and attention I give to developing quality relationships with my students and their families. Developing quality relationships makes it easier for me to actually reach, teach and impact my students.

My passion lies in providing access to quality health and educational opportunities for young people, particularly those from low income families and communities.

Basically, my work is at the intersection of health, education and youth development.

I run an initiative called Purple Smiles Initiative, that works in three thematic areas: Health, Education and Youth Development. Currently, we are organizing a week long transformative virtual conference for corp members and those fresh out of service, to equip them with the skills for a purposeful service year and to transition successfully after service. It kicked off on the 20th of July, 2020.

I became a teacher because teaching gives me the platform to impact young people on a larger scale than if I was to reach them individually. Really, I became a teacher because I really just love teaching.

My favourite teacher while growing up was Mr Adetunji. He taught me Mathematics in JSS2 and some weeks in JSS3. That man was phenomenal!  I used to stare in awe as he solved Mathematical problems on the board and I wanted to be like him. Mr Adetunji taught me to love Mathematics. Through his influence and support, I went from being a slightly-below average student, to winning the award for the best Mathematics student in JSS3. Somehow, he sowed in me the love for teaching.

My two years teaching fellowship with Teach for Nigeria, where I taught at a public primary school in Abeokuta has been my most memorable teaching experience, really. I saw first-hand what children in low income communities go through. I was face to face with it each day. The experience taught me how to love and live beyond myself.

I love teaching Mathematics and Science, upper primary and lower secondary! I feel it is easier to reach that group of students. I also love teaching Mathematics and Science because of the methodical approach to teaching these subjects.

My favourite snack: Pizza and Ice cream. On a non-school day, I will most likely be found reading a book and/or watching a movie.

Teaching can be tough! But keep your ‘why’ (the reason why you started teaching in the first place) in view always and it will keep you through the tough days.

My teacher mantra: I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me! Phillipians 4:13

You can find me on: Instagram: @d.adenrele; Twitter: @dhayoradenrele;     Facebook: Adedayo Adenrele

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  1. Nice read, well done Teacher Adedayo, well done Dumebi.


  2. Nice read. Well done Teacher Adedayo. Well sone Dumebi


  3. I love the blog. Remembering Teachers. Kudos


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