Teachers’ Refresher Course

Teachers’ Refresher Course

Teaching is without a doubt one of the most significant professions and without it the world would be nothing worth living. Teachers have over the years been at the forefront of any nation’s development as they train the human resource that serves in various disciplines.

In a hugely interconnected and globalised world, schools must keep reinventing teaching and learning not only to remain relevant but to align themselves with the needs and nature of the modern learner.

In the years gone by, teachers recycled the same teaching notes and skills year after year going through the motions like an undertaker — devoid of imagination, creativity, empathy or enthusiasm.

For the modern teacher, continuous learning is especially dire because the 21st century learner is more informed, confident, curious, distracted and impatient — thanks to the digital revolution sweeping across the world.
Teachers need to keep sharpening their instructional skills, deepen knowledge of subject matter and learn new ways of making teaching and learning more enjoyable and flexible.

Our Teachers’ Refresher Courses can be a wake-up call to remind teachers of their teacher roles and enhance their professional ethics which in the end will improve their performance and thus quality education. 
Join us for a week of training to improve self-delivery in terms of self-expression.

Time Management Fundamentals
Teacher Tech Tips
Blended Learning
Social Media in the Classroom
Flipping the Classroom
Mentoring Others

Interested? Send a mail to dezarpet@yahoo.com

Time to Teach Smartly!

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  1. Margaret Alabi

    The teachers refresher course opened my eye to more insight about my passion for teaching. It make to know how to manage my time judiciously,how to thrive in the environment and making the decision.
    It also talked about my dressing as a teacher.
    Finally being able to differentiate between side hustle and techerpreneur.
    Alabi Margaret

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  2. Olusegun Adebanjo

    Wow! What can I say… Dumebi’s Refresher Course for Teachers was conducted from September 7 – 11 prior to school reopening. Initially, I was reluctant – not willing to attend but something within me says I should give it a trial and thank God I did.

    I sincerely want to appreciate Coach Dumebi for this great privilege given to me as a teacher to be part of the Refresher’s Course. It was refreshing and reawakening and these are supposed to be usual workplace ethics and practices after all but it’s always good to learn and unlearn.

    The course was well delivered and coverage of the course outline was second to none… from emotional intelligence to time management fundamentals, branding, social networking, tech tips etc which are crucial and paramount to our day-to-day working principles/ethics as a 21st century teachers were top-notch.

    The high point for me was when you came up with the four quadrants in handling task at workplace; looking at what is important but not urgent at the time and the likes. I’ve also learnt through some of the responses given to questions that were being asked by some of the participants.

    If there was anything I find helpful was letting us know as teachers that we could be sometimes the architect of our own inefficiency. I now learnt how to give homework moderately which are marked as they are turned in. Content i.e. notes are now given using bullet points which has been fascinating.

    I want to say a big thank you for the privilege given; more grace Coach Dumebi, Happy Teachers’ Day and remain blessed.

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  3. Amaka Unegbu-Alex

    The Teachers Refreshers course, no doubt was a “salt” to the meal you had prepared for us ab initio during the lock down time. This refreshers course has indeed awakened me to past knowledge and also brought to the know the art of saying “no” constructively without hurting anyone, plus how teachers can employ judiciously the use of their EQ in place of their intelligent quotient and most importantly be able to thrive in the educational space via ample use of social media networking.

    Need I say less of how to manage my time! The course spelt it out on how teachers should be able to prioritise their time in the most efficient way possible.

    And the last but not the least, which is like the icing on a cake is the teacherpreneur course. First of all, I got to know the DIFFERENCE between a teacher cum side hustling and teacherpreneur. And more importantly, every teacher should craft their niche and explore in that area outside the classroom.

    Amaka Unegbu-Alex

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  4. Temitope Adewuyi

    Meeting Dumebi has been a great blessing to me and has brought a great turnaround omg career.
    Foremost,She gave me the push to publish my 1st books so when she mentioned there was going to be a Teachers Refresher course, oh i didn’t hesitate to join. Infact I was the 1st to join.
    One major day that was so impactful amongst other days of learning is the course on Emotional intelligence. Oh! How i saw myself in another light and reasons why I should act some ways. I had to go all the way to search online on how I’ll enroll for a course on Emotional Intelligence. I really want to be a better version of myself in that area.
    Thank you Dumebi for always giving yourself out.
    Without mincing words or flattering, You are the best. Haven’t seen any teacher/coach that stands out like you do. God bless you. Really i can go on and on. When I count my blessing, Coach, I count you twice.😘😘😘

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  5. Nkechi Chinaza

    I learnt a lot from the last refreshers course. It was basically an avenue to renew my mind. I got reminded of certain things that I had forgotten. I have been able to learn and relearn strategies to boost my teaching experience, especially my EI. The things I have learnt are sure to keep me happy and fulfilled in the long run. I am really working on learning to say No. Funnily, this is playing out in other aspects of my life.
    Another, great take home for me is making out time for myself. I no longer take “me” for granted.
    Time management has gotten better for me as I have a clearly defined plan for each day and I leave room for sudden events. I am also unlearning perfectionism at all times, I just try to do my very best.
    Thank you for all that you do, ma’am Dumebi.

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