Professional Etiquette for Teachers

Everyone is born unique – we all possess traits that set us apart and these traits define who we are and how we respond to situations. To enhance ourselves we only need to spot and elevate that, possibly yet dormant inclination or aptitude. This is where personality development becomes essential in the modern professional world.
On Thursday,  9th September, 2021, teachers in Asaba, Delta State, attended a workshop on Professional Etiquette facilitated  by Teacher Dumebi, Head of School, Hadassah Hall.

She started by stating that good etiquettes is one way you can help collectively tip the scale back in the direction of people being nicer to each other. Through etiquettes a teacher can weave an intricate social web to dignify the profession. Whether you are starting your first teaching role or have many years of professional experience under your belt, how you present yourself to others in the school matters. Setting a professional tone is crucial to building new relationships and ensuring you have a positive, successful experience in school.

Teacher Dumebi elaborated on learning virtues and values such as empathy and kindness, and developing emotional intelligence because they are equally as important as the lessons that we teach, in order for children to understand themselves, their connection to others and to the world. Teachers must be circumspect about etiquette/manners and pleasantries. These too make for a happy countenance.
An activity was conducted where each teacher had to name a personality that they idolised and share two attributes that they like about them and how much of these have they ingrained.
It was a lively interactive session that prompted participants to stop short and revisit themselves, as it were, to see where they can work on improvements. Above all we must continuously remind ourselves that we are role models for the children in our care and need to present our best.
In conclusion, for emotional intelligence to be effective, it has to start with yourself. You can’t distill or enhance other people’s well-being, improvement and sense of self without first understanding how you operate on an emotional level.  What distinguishes leaders is usually their level of emotional intelligence and it is those skills which help to develop a more effective workplace.

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