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Dear Educator

Dear Educator by Nancy Ekpezu …A very valuable resource for the 21st century teacher.
At times all teachers, myself included, can feel that our professional fizz has fizzled out and this book aims to bring back the fizz and sparkle into our teaching as well as providing lots of words of wisdom along the way.
Firsthand accounts by the author, Nancy, provide teachers with a glimpse into how great teachers live, the challenges they face, and the reasons they stay in the profession. This teacher guide will help educators analyze, reflect upon and improve their practice.
It is more interesting to note that Nancy is a former teacher / school administrator and is now an education consultant working with schools, teachers and pupils. It is through her years of experience in the classroom and supporting so many educators that has enabled her to write this book ‘Dear Educator’.
There is a lot to like about this book. I have read many educational books and this book is easy to read, yet still explained thoroughly, covering such a wide range of topics. Another reason I enjoyed reading this book is because Nancy Ekpezu’s personality, character, warmth and humour shines through. I have never physically met Nancy before but I have attended some of her webinars…so when reading this book I could often hear her strong voice in my head! The passion, empathy and understanding that Nancy has really does show in this book. It’s clear she was a very caring teacher and her years of experience makes her advice reliable and sensible.
All teachers need to read Dear Educator. I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Teacher Dumebi xx