My Launch

I always want to be seen as calm, cool and collected. Always confident in my decisions and confident in my business. Of course, that isn’t always true. There are times I worry, times I’m freaked out, and times I want to bury my head in the sand and let the world pass by without my notice.
The truth is, leading up to the release of my book, I was petrified. And I use that word on purpose because there were several times I just sat at my desk staring at, but not seeing, my computer screen. I was unable to move or make a decision because I was so worried about letting my book into the world. There was also a moment in time when my editor was working on the last piece of the book that I realized every version of the book was still digital and I could delete it completely and walk away and not have to face this anymore.
But, God is Faithful. I have been reliving the evening looking through all the photos (sent by my brother since the official ones are not yet ready) with a huge smile on my face. I feel like my book The Spider’s Web is my greatest achievement and so it was just marvellous to be able to celebrate its publication with all of my loved ones.
I’d like to deeply thank everyone who messaged me so effusively before the event. I felt very blessed and indeed, humbled. I’d also like to thank the many people who attended my book launch for their enthusiasm and support.
It was a truly wonderful evening. The lovely venue, Kabachi Chinese Restaurant, provided the perfect setting: great environment, good food. It was classy. My Guest list was to die for. It read like a ‘Who’s Who’.
My Mentor, Mrs Funso Adegbola (Director of The Vale College) gave a beautiful review of The Spider’s Web. I will post it asap. My darling girl, Bolanle Oshinbolu, gave a lovely speech to introduce me. I then spoke about my book and took the opportunity to publicly thank those who have so generously supported me over the years. The Chief launcher, General Brigadier Dada took over, followed by my 10 year old baby, Dunbarin, giving a brief heart-touching speech and also launching the book thereafter. The evening concluded with book signings and attendees chatting nosily and enjoying the restaurant and taking pictures!
I am so happy and grateful to have had this experience and this wonderful life memory.
Now it is time for me to focus on various speaking engagements to promote my book.
It is with great pleasure I have received several emails from visitors to my websites with questions regarding abuse and I will be introducing something new to the blog soon. Please do feel free to ask your question too.
What does domestic violence mean for you? What do you see as your biggest problem? What is your biggest fear? What problem do you have that you can’t see a way out of?
Whatever your issue, please do get in touch {}

The Spider’s web is available also available on Konga. Thank you Sir Mosuro.






Wait for the next batch of Pics! They say it all.

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