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God is crazy about me, you know?. I am His child. His princess. He showers me with every good thing. Instead of obsessing over what I don’t have, I think about all I do have. His love and attention. Fresh air. Clean water. Food. Shelter. A place of belonging. Health. Family. Friends…I am sure I can keep going from here.
Yes, He is crazy about me. I know I struggle with this. At times it is a major battle for me. If I do not understand and accept that God is crazy about me, then I can forget about having peace. I can forget about having joy. I can forget about life being incredible. It all starts right here; accepting that He is crazy about me. Do you know that He is crazy about you?
I was reading the parable of the Lost sheep in Luke 15 this morning. The Lord speaks of a shepherd who leaves ninety-nine sheep to search for one who is lost. Would a shepherd likely do this? Probably not! The passage drips with irony, even absurdity. Perhaps if the lost sheep were near at hand he might venture over the next hill. But I think the average human shepherd would cut his losses and stay with the ninety-nine. Many of us might even consider it irresponsible to leave ninety-nine to search for one. But this seems to miss the point that God’s love is extravagant, personal, and puzzling. In the end, it would seem that God loves us for “no good reason.” He seems to love us even “more” when we stray. He intensifies his focus on the one who strays. To us this is not only crazy, it is dangerous, possibly enabling. But I don’t try to figure it out. I don’t analyze too much. I Just remain astonished, and amazed. Yes, this is crazy. That God loves me is crazy, unexplainable.
He loves me so much that He comes looking for me. Oh, what joy!
I continue to bask in that Divine Love and pray never to take it for granted.