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Pads of Hope

In Nigeria, as in many places around the world, a girls’ journey into adolescence is a challenging time. She faces significant pressures and has pressing concerns and questions. 

In addition, she has little to no understanding of her body and rights. 

And when she starts her period, she will likely be part of the 1 million girls in Nigeria who cannot go to school because she lacks access to sanitary pads and corresponding reproductive health education. 

This combination leaves her susceptible to diseases, unplanned pregnancies, forced early marriage, or female circumcision, which ultimately can cause her to drop out of school. 

 Simply put, adolescence can mean the end of her education and the potential for her full participation in society. 

It is only when girls have the education they seek about their bodies, along with the quality products and resources they need to stay healthy and safe, that they can make informed decisions about their lives.

When girls are given honest answers to their real questions, their voice is affirmed, and they gain the confidence to step into their potential.

It is in recognition of the importance of the removal of all barriers to education of the girl and the combat against early marriage that the Z-Club of The Vale College, in collaboration with Just Us Girls Summit (JUGS) organized a Menstrual Hygiene Symposium on the 21st of July, 2017. 


We donated over 600 pads to 100 girls in public schools and helped them deal with how they feel about themselves and their menstruation cycle. We ensured that each girl present received a six-month supply.

We did not only distribute, but ensured that a specialist, Mrs Akinwande (such an amazing woman), was available to deliver a lecture on body development and also discuss the relationship between pads, periods and pregnancy to the schoolgirls.

Let the pictures speak:

For all our donors and well-wishers, we say a big THANK YOU! The event was a huge success.

Let’s do this again.