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Walking in Purpose

I truly believe that Christian women can be whole, happy, content and busy – all at the same time. There are times when we all feel overwhelmed by the burdens of everyday life, but our circumstances should never steal away the joy of our walk with God. We can live a victorious Christian life no matter what comes our way.


That said, it’s also important to know that we’re not here by accident; God created us on purpose. God had our entire life on Earth in mind before we were ever born, and He designed us specifically for the good work He intends us to do.

Every day we’re alive is a gift from God that’s full of opportunities to pursue that work. So let’s not let another day go by without discovering and enjoying our God-given purpose.

Dare to believe that God is working in you today to get you where you need to go tomorrow. Ask God to help you overcome common obstacles to taking your calling seriously: fear, doubt, insecurity, and inferiority. Pray for God to awaken a fresh sense of purpose within you, as well as a sense of passion to pursue the work God wants you to do.


Also, Learn to love your story! Rather than comparing yourself to other people and being jealous of the work they’re doing for God, embrace your own unique story of faith and work in God’s kingdom. Make a habit of frequently thanking God for the blessings He is constantly giving you, and praise Him often for His great love. The more you express your gratitude to God, the more you’ll notice and appreciate the story of how God is at work uniquely in your life.

And that’s why I enjoyed 10 Steps To Walking In Purpose by my virtual friend turned sister, Frances Okoro. It’s amazing. I read that book with my mouth open. What she has gone through…you won’t believe it. But she refused to stay in the depressive corner the devil forced her to, and she shares her testimony to the glory of God. Amazing!3d 10steps cover


Now, Frances is having a giveaway *huge smile*

The giveaway would last for a week and all participants who complied ‎with the rules will be mailed their e-copies of the book on Monday, 7th December 2015.

Rules are simply for you to share the book cover on instagram or twitter with the words: “Get your free copy of this book from , then use the hashtag #10stepstowalkinginpurpose.

Afterwards comment on this post with your emails and the names you are identified by on twitter or instagram (the means you used to share).

Eg, adding, @FrancesOkoro on twitter to the comment.

The book will be mailed to everyone who complies with the rules and comment with their emails on the post on 7th December 2015.

Every woman has a past. Every daughter of God has a purpose. And like Osaze tells me, As a woman, YOU ARE MORE THAN JUST A RIB!