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Virtual Learning 101: Creating Google Quizzes for Assessment

Forms are very versatile tools for teachers because they help us SAVE TIME.

You can use Google Forms to create a quiz for your students. You can indicate correct and incorrect answers for multiple choice, checkboxes, or drop-down question options.

To get started on your Google Forms Quiz, head over to

Then follow these simple steps:

Create a new Google form, or open an existing Google Form.

At the top right corner, click Settings 

Settings icon


Next to “Make this a quiz” click the switch 

Switch icon

5. Click Save

Create Questions and Assign Points to Questions

To add a new question to your quiz, click Add 

Add icon

(Remember, you can only indicate points values, and correct and incorrect answers for multiple choice, checkboxes, or drop-down question types)

Fill out your question and answers.

In the bottom left, click ANSWER KEY.

In the top right of the question, choose how many points the question is worth.

Note: To go back and edit the question or options, in the bottom left, click EDIT QUESTION.

Note about multiple choice questions:

Users only have the option to select one response if the question type is either “Multiple Choice” or “Dropdown”, but the ANSWER KEY allows the instructor to select multiple answers as being correct. If you have indicated there is more than one correct answer, the student will get full points for selecting ONE of the correct answers.  

“Checkboxes” allow students to select multiple answers. They must select all correct answers to get points for the question for this question type.

There is no option to grant partial points awarded to students.

Add Explanations to Answers

You can add links, videos, or websites to answers to explain them further. Respondents will see your feedback only after they finish the quiz.

Click a question.



Type feedback for “INCORRECT ANSWERS” and “CORRECT ANSWERS,” then click SAVE.

Distribute the Quiz to Your Class

Click the Send button in the upper right hand corner.

Next, you have three options to distribute the quiz to your class.

A. The first option is to send via email, where you can add email addresses of your students in the “To” field (you could also use your course Google Group address)

B. Secondly, you can use the “Send via” link. Click on the link icon as shown below:

Click Copy to copy the full URL to your clipboard. You can then paste this URL into an email, for example.

Note:  You may first want us the check box to “Shorten URL” to display a shortened version the link. Both the long and shortened URLs will work to link back to your quiz. If you are presenting the link in class, it will be easier for students to retype a shortened URL

Choose What People Can See After They Submit

You can choose what people can see during and after they submit their answers:

Missed questions

Correct answers

Point values

To change options:

Open a quiz in Google Forms.

At the top right, click Settings 


Under “Respondent can see,” check the boxes next to the options you want.


Add an Image or Video on its Own

You can add an image or YouTube video to your quiz.

In your Google Form quiz, click Add Image 

Add image icon

 To add a video, click Add Video 

Add video icon

You can’t add videos to questions, but you can place them before or after a question.

Choose your image or video and click Select

Get your forms through your browser on: