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For Dunbarin


I am proud of you. I don’t use the word “proud” so often because sometimes it comes off a little too clichéd, so overused that it has the potential to not mean what I want it to mean. But pride is what I feel – that swelling in the chest, the involuntary smile when you think of something that you cherish.

You are a constant inspiration to me. I am amazed at your maturity, confidence and independence, the manner in which you conduct yourself at school and in the community. The commitment you show to your study, your school, and family. You inspire me to do the very best I can, because I don’t want to let you down.

I have watched you over the past few years and have grown fond of your personality, authenticity, and perseverance. I have definitely learned a few things from you in your time here at TVC.

You have amazed me by your brilliance.  I hope that no matter where your future takes you, you will continue the learning process- keep reading, keep writing, keep seeking knowledge.  The more we know the better people we become and I believe that.  I would hope that you would be open minded and NEVER STOP LEARNING!

Today you become a teenager, Dunbarin. I implore you, as always, to be safe and to make wise choices. Read great books, explore your world, get to know others’ stories and remember what we learn each day—that kindness and open-mindedness can take us much further than prejudice and snap judgments. My mentor once told me, “be excellent to one another” and, as you well know, you will find friends in places you never expected.

Thank you for accepting being stuck with me, helping me grow as a person, and letting me be your mentor. I am so proud of you. 

Happy Birthday, DunDun! Live Long and Prosper!!!!!!

All my Love…

Dumebi Ehigiator