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Today, I just need to encourage one person out there. God is real and He is truly a covenant keeping and faithful God. I know this for a fact. Last week, I had to go through a procedure that really shook the core of my pre-existing beliefs about life.
However, no matter how bad things got, I had to hold to the scripture that says “God will never leave me nor forsake me” and the truth is; God didn’t leave me. Through the uncountable trips to the hospital and all the drugs…God STILL didn’t leave me.
Some of us are going through such difficult situations right now or maybe not us but someone close to us is…well I have good news, God will not leave you. Sickness is a terrible thing to go through and it really does suck the life and faith out of a lot of people. You see, one thing I never did during my trial is, question God. In fact, at really odd times I found myself giving thanks. So I urge you, though very difficult to do, but not impossible – Give Thanks!
One thing I found out in the last one year is that my case is better than someone else’s. So in every situation, we just have to give thanks and rejoice, because I once read that ‘There is victory in rejoicing’. I would always play the praise songs on my phone and sometimes I would even boogie down and twist my waist for God. It naturally became a ritual for me. Today I testify and declare in Jesus name, that I have closed that chapter and I have come out victorious.
Having faith in Almighty God is exciting but let’s not forget that we are also responsible for ourselves, and let’s not wait for things to go bad before we do something. Early detection really saves lives. Having faith in God does not give us the right to be careless with our health. I have seen too many situations where women didn’t report their symptoms because they were afraid, and then they become part of the statistics.
I’ve learned that whatever the circumstances in our life we can have the assurance that nothing misses the eyes of God. Psalm 138:6 reminds us that, “Though the LORD is exalted, He looks kindly on the lowly; though lofty, He sees them from afar.” All night and all day God sees us and when we allow him, He directs our actions and vindicates us in our distress. We can thank God that He is the only power in the universe who can see all of us, everywhere, all the time, without interruption and He wants to lead us in doing the right thing, all the time.
My faith in God is strong and only by His grace have I made it this far and will continue to do so. As the writer of the song Amazing Grace states, “ ‘Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home.” Even so, come Lord Jesus.