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School Owners Session 2

Let me just drop this here before godmother duties take over.
First, I’m thankful to God for the grace and strength to host this session. It was almost impossible to keep the date…but hey, My God is a Time Maker.
Then, to all THE TEN that invested to hear me share my Hadassah Hall ( journey…thank you. The questions were endless…but I’m glad you stayed hooked and engaged till the very end…every single one of you. And I am also glad you were willing to share your teaching life struggles and wins with the group. Please remember THE TEN and I will be here to cheer you on over the next two months. We are accountable to each other.
Another stream comes up in the month of May for just N30,000. Spaces for 10 ONLY! Registration ends 24th, April, 2021. Remember: PASSIONATE TEACHERS ONLY.
Meanwhile, thhe reviews that have come in are so heartwarming.