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Ezar is Under Construction

Before I graduated from the university, I used to be a T-shirt person. For me a T-shirt could represent my daily wear as I cleaned house, it could become my pajamas for the night and throwing on a pair of jeans with it made it my run to the salon or ‘anywhere’ outfit.
While shopping last week for clothes, I found a T-shirt that had a “Under Construction” sign and said “Be patient with me; I’m under construction, and God isn’t finished with me yet. What an impression it made on me!
I thought about my walk with God. How true! I am still under construction. Even though I am made in His image, I don’t always reflect that in my day to day walk with Him. Scripture says that I am to put off the old man and put on the new man. In other words I am to take off my old pattern of life and to clothe myself with a Christ inspired life.
I am renewed only as I let the Holy Spirit transform me and it has to start in my mind. God knows that it takes time and patience, He knows that I am a work in progress. What’s so great about Him is that His patience, grace and mercy, along with the fiery trials that I sometimes find myself in comes through His love for me.
I realized that in His eyesight I am special and He is patiently molding me. Because of that love I don’t want to disappoint Him. Yes, He is still working on Me. I am not perfect but I know I am not what I use to be, and for that, I want to thank Him for the growth that I am seeing.