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Virtual Learning 101: Puzzles

My Class Puzzles

Puzzle solving has an inherent appeal to ALL students and is an active way of learning or revising vocabulary. My students associate word puzzles with recreation and can be less daunting as review tools or even as a test. By substituting a visual-spacial relationship between meaning and definition, puzzles engage more students with the materials and deepen their mastery of the English lexis. I have used puzzles in my classroom for many years, and will be doing so for a very long time. You should, too.

There are many types of word puzzles for all ages including adults! I like the fact that I can have a number of different unique word puzzles created to printout on the same topic. So when we are studying a topic in CRS, say “Relationships in the Family”, I can print out six different sets then split the class into six groups and give them each a unique puzzle to solve.
Want one? Send me a message, and I will also give you tips on how you can use it for remote learning.