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Cheers to Single Parents

Single parents don’t get enough credit and we have to change that.

A lot of people may think being raised by a single parent is the worst, but watching Auntie Yemi and her Princess, I’m certain it’s the complete opposite.
I have watched this Wonder Woman in action on so many occasions, and she makes single-parenting sound like the coolest gig in the world.
I know Princess is moving on to something bigger, and I can assure you Auntie Yemi that Princess is ready than most teenagers I know and that’s because you have given her the space she needs to grow and become independent. You have nurtured her talents and allowed her the freedom to form her own opinions. And now, as she moves into the next chapter in her life, I assure you that she will be safe.

So…cheers to this mom who has taught her daughter to be tough, to stick up for herself and not to care what anyone thinks of her. And double cheers to all other single parents who keep giving love to their children (even when they think their energy is gone) because doing that is the single most important thing in their life. They know that the happiness of their children is solely placed on their shoulders. They own that, and they make sure they always follow through…even when they don’t get the time to reboot their energy, they make sure their tank is always full. And their kids? They always feel the love from their single parent and they know that their tank will never, ever run out.