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I discovered an unorthodox teaching method online which I decided to use on my kids in class today to prove a point. Be patient, please.
Me: ‘Hello, Students’
Students: ‘Hello, miss.’
Me: before we get started today, I would like to tell you that the Vice-principal will be coming in later to share some information about a new fundraiser.
I quickly hand out sheets of test papers. My students have never heard of the majority of the terms and most of them conclude that they must have been absent when the information was taught. One student takes advantage of this and stands up.
Student: ‘Excuse me, miss, but I was absent when you taught this’
Me: ‘No, you weren’t. In fact, the entire class was present. You must not have been paying attention.’
Student: ‘But…’
Me: ‘Sit down and write the test’
They finish the quiz and I grade it. Everyone fails horribly.
Me: ‘You guys didn’t do well at all. It’s a pity because this is fifty percent of your grade’.
My darlings freak out. The Vice Principal turns up as announced.
Me: ‘Let’s welcome the VP’.
My students stand to welcome him.
VP: ‘Thank you all. Due to the recent levy being rejected, our school has been massively under-budgeted. Therefore, in order for the school to remain open, we have introduced a new fundraiser to our school. Basically, for every fifty naira you donate, your grade point average will go up by one point in class. Donation starts now. Cash only!’
The entire class rushed to their feet to donate. Some donate fifty naira, some hundred naira, some five hundred. Those that didn’t have money looked utterly miserable. Some were close to tears. Another boy, Ayo boldly walks forward with One thousand naira and gives it to the vice principal and haughtily says:
‘Sir, will this be enough for the mean time?’
I burst out laughing and make my kids settle down before I start handing their money back to them.
Me: ‘My darlings, imagine if Heaven was for sale. Imagine if we had to bribe God to get into Heaven. You have just illustrated how awful it would be those who are penniless. I love you all’.
The period came to an end and I left the class.hfs2

I was surfing the net and came across this:


Imagine, right?
There are some things that are never for sale. A place in Heaven is one of them. Thank God. Some people would have paid a first class ticket to heaven, for themselves, their friends and families straight to the Throne, while some would be hopelessly waiting and standing in line.
Most people know that they can’t buy eternal life with money but a whole lot of people think they can buy it with good deeds alone. They figure that since their good deeds outweigh their bad deeds, when their dying day comes, they will make it to Heaven. They have no concept of actually forming a relationship with God. They just figure that if they do more good stuff than bad, they are assured access into heaven.
Would you sell your eyes for a million naira or twenty million naira. I don’t think so. No one in his right mind would. Your eyes are priceless to you, yet they are merely the windows of your soul. Your life (soul) is of such value, Jesus said you should despise the value of your eye compared to it (Matthew 18:9). In other words, your eternal salvation is a priority and that is why a sinless man died for us, free of charge.
There is nothing you can do to get inside Heaven except to accept His Son, Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. There is no need to reduce your life to a transaction. You don’t have to earn salvation. It is FREE.
It is time for us to recognize that eternal life is not for sale. Doing everything that the church or religious world says to do may make you feel good, and it may be good, but it won’t assure you a place in Heaven. Salvation is never tied to anything. It isn’t tied to money. God’s love cannot be bought, bargained for or traded in on. His love is free to all who call upon His Son’s name.
We are all good enough for Heaven. Eternal life is free to anyone who is willing to make getting to Heaven a heart issue and give their all to Him. If you do not make it to Heaven, you will have no one to blame, but yourself.