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Teachers’ Refresher Course

Teachers’ Refresher Course

Teaching is without a doubt one of the most significant professions and without it the world would be nothing worth living. Teachers have over the years been at the forefront of any nation’s development as they train the human resource that serves in various disciplines.

In a hugely interconnected and globalised world, schools must keep reinventing teaching and learning not only to remain relevant but to align themselves with the needs and nature of the modern learner.

In the years gone by, teachers recycled the same teaching notes and skills year after year going through the motions like an undertaker — devoid of imagination, creativity, empathy or enthusiasm.

For the modern teacher, continuous learning is especially dire because the 21st century learner is more informed, confident, curious, distracted and impatient — thanks to the digital revolution sweeping across the world.
Teachers need to keep sharpening their instructional skills, deepen knowledge of subject matter and learn new ways of making teaching and learning more enjoyable and flexible.

Our Teachers’ Refresher Courses can be a wake-up call to remind teachers of their teacher roles and enhance their professional ethics which in the end will improve their performance and thus quality education. 
Join us for a week of training to improve self-delivery in terms of self-expression.

Time Management Fundamentals
Teacher Tech Tips
Blended Learning
Social Media in the Classroom
Flipping the Classroom
Mentoring Others

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