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Myself and My Learning: Thank you for Attending.

Teaching is about the students, but guess what? If you canโ€™t take care of yourself, you canโ€™t help the studentsโ€“not in a way thatโ€™s sustainable.
The workshop was attended by teachers who serious about changing their teaching dynamics.
We helped them examine their attitudes, beliefs, and mindset as teachers. They are determined to become stand-out Educators!
Champions for the Children!

We are thankful for a successful and impactful workshop.

Online and In-house sessions for schools that had their Easter Party / PTA yesterday and couldn’t attend have been scheduled to hold from 11th to 14th by 10am prompt (no African time). Send a private message or call 07064221447 to confirm your selected date. We thank all the teachers and administrators that attended yesterday.

Keep being CHAMPIONS. Wear your Teacher shirts with pride.