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‘Aunty, can I have a book to read this weekend?’ asked Muyiwa.
‘Sure’, I crooned. Excited to share my world with this young lad, I handed him a copy of Famous Five by Enid Blyton. I loved her books as a child, I was sure he would love them too.

‘I’m done, Miss’
Raised eyebrow,I ask ‘You are WHAT?’
‘DONE, Miss.’
‘Yes, MISS!!!’ I can hear his silent ‘duhhhhhhhhhhhhh’
‘How? Are you such a fast reader? Didn’t you attend classes?’
My young lad looks at me like I’m the dumbest thing he has laid his eyes on this year.
Shaking his head he says ‘Miss, I read the first two chapters and got the whole theme of the story, then I skipped to the last two chapters and saw how the book ended.’
He literally says ‘duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’

I am librarian. I know books, love books, live books, eat books…my whole life is centered on BOOKS.
My work also brings me in contact with people who also love books, are trying to love books, hate books but are trying to be around them for certain reasons and just want to be in the library for the sake of ‘being there’. I have also come to understand the taste and habits of some of my library’s users. But what I still can’t understand is how one can cultivate the very bad habit of skipping to the last pages of a book to see how it ends. A terribly annoying habit. The height of impatience, right?
But aren’t we all impatient? Sometimes, like Muyiwa, we try to skip ahead in our own lives and figure out what to do months and even years from now instead of embracing each day as God intended.
We try to jump ahead and solve every considerable problem before it happens. I have learnt however, that life doesn’t work that way. God loves to surprise us and we never know what new problem or opportunity each new day will bring.
So, relax darlings, slow down and find his love and joy in each day. Live one day at a time. Have faith in God to help you write your life, line by line and moment by moment. My God ALWAYS writes a PERFECT STORY. Afterall, He is a PERFECT GOD.
Turn the book of your life back to the right page and thank God for today. index