The Spider’s Web marshalls the power of literature to confront domestic violence, an experience that is still too often neglected or condoned, surrounded by silence and shame.

We all have secrets we don’t reveal the first time we cross paths with others. This is Nnenna’s…and Ejiro’s.

The Spider’s Web is a reminder that while bad behavior can be explained it can never be excused, and that while placing blame is rarely useful, letting go is.

The story takes place in the 21st century suburban Africa (Asaba, Nigeria). The horror of domestic violence, to both children and wives, is clearly depicted in the novel. The two main recipients of the violence in the novel are Nnenna and Ejiro. Nnenna is, in the beginning, portrayed as weak and submissive. She endures abuse inflicted on her by her husband, a clergy man, in order to provide for her parents and to protect her children from his cruelty. Emeka, her husband, values Nnenna only as a sexual object and a caretaker for his home…


Book is available on Jumia, Konga and Amazon.

Also find it here on Gumroad


  1. Yetunde Ojebola Afeyodion

    what mrs ehigiator is doing is amazing I pray God keeps her. she is the perfect role model


  2. this book is very interesting


  3. Ezar, I really enjoyed your sense of creativity… The center is “the Master’s Church”, JayJay-Emeka, Ejiro – Mercy -Ramaha… Your book, Ezar, is eye opening. God bless your wisdom.


  4. The simplicity of the book is its whole essence. It was great how you penned such an amazing messages on sex. Religion and cultural biases, gender, stereotypes, sexism, and violenand such simple rhetoric. Proud of you and all the things you stand.


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